Spring Training Course

Key Messages

Nico Verdonschot
"As currently there is no clarity about the consequences of alternative alignment strategies, perfect alignment according to the mechanical axis in the coronal plane is recommended. In the sagittal plane knee ligament forces are highly influenced by small deviations in positioning and sizing."

Sébastien Lustig

"In order to analyse and correct a deformity of the lower limb, surgeons should be able to understand and correct the deformity where it is located : 3D assessment (coronal but also sagittal and horizontal), appropriate surgical technique and solid fixation are the key to success."


Carsten Tibesku

„Proprioception of a Bicruciate retaining TKA is as good as of a UKA and both have better proprioception than posterior stabilized TKA.“


Anders Troelsen

"The use of validated patient reported outcome measures are fantastic and rewarding to use in the everyday monitoring quality in knee arthroplasty treatment"


Bernhard Christen

“The commenting sentence would be: in fixed valgus arthritis and or lateral subluxation of the patella a lateral approach is recommended to correct deformity by lenghthening the lateral structures. The approach can be performed in a standardized and safe way without or with necessity of a tibial tubercle osteototomy.”


Gijs van Hellemondt



Alois Franz


Jan Victor:

“Neither measured resection nor ligament balancing should be used as a stand-alone technique to determine rotation of the femoral component.”


Final Program



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Thursday, March 31, 2016 to Friday, April 1, 2016
Berlin, Germany