Preliminary Programme


Monocompartmental disease treated with Small Implants

Instructional Course: Is UKA the technique of the past, the present or the future? 

  • How to obtain success with Medial UKA
  • How to obtain success with Lateral UKA
  • How to obtain success with PFA
  • How to obtain success with multicompartmental UKA

Modern Total Knee Arthroplasty - Looking back on previous hypes

Instructional Course: What are we missing in TKA today?

  • MIS: where have you gone? 
  • Navigation: where have you gone? 
  • PSI: where have you gone? 
  • Sensor-assisted technologies: when will you reach the tipping point?

Remaining issues in today's TKA 

Instructional Course: What are the current controversies in modern TKA?

  • What alignment target should we aim for?
  • Where does instability after knee arthroplasty come from?
  • Where does aseptic loosening after knee arthroplasty come from? 
  • Is metal allergy really an issue in TKA?

High Performance in TKA

Instructional Course: What do patients expect from their arthroplasty? What is high or normal performance?

  • Are new materials the solution?
  • Is a bi-cruciate retaining knee the solution?
  • Is a medial pivot design the solution?
  • Is a patient-specific implant the solution?

Advanced Treatment Protocols

Instructional Course: What is the impact of arthroplasty on the human body? 

  • Pain after TKA doesn’t exist anymore!
  • Staying in the hospital doesn’t exist anymore!
  • Medical complications after knee arthroplasty don’t exist anymore!
  • Cost savings with enhanced recovery programs

FRIDAY 3 MAY, 2019

Robotics in TKA

Instructional Course: Robots: Past, present and future

  • The robot solved all my technical issues
  • Robots: cost-model in today’s society
  • The robot is just the next industry’s hype
  • The robot as the industry's new revenue model

Infection in TKA

Instructional Course: What is a low-grade infection and its role in chronic pain and stifness?

  • What is new in diagnostics?
  • What is new in treatment of PJI?
  • What to do with chronic therapy resistant PJI?

Revision Knee Arthroplasty

Instructional Course: State of the art in revision in 2019

  • How I revise the aseptic loosening knee
  • How I revise the unstable knee
  • How I revise the stiff knee