Dear Colleagues,
Dear friends,

The world of knee surgery has always been an interesting and exciting place, but right now even more. The increasing demand of patients for an active life at every stage of their life and their wish to obtain a forgotten joint after surgery creates new challenges. Publications in the last few years have shed light on some fascinating developments in our understanding of both fundamental principles of how natural joints work, and how artificial ones can help restore that natural function.

These new objectives set by our patients and our colleagues make us think about our best current practices. What to change, where to innovate, what to keep? Technological progress now allows us to aim higher than we ever could before, and the field of outcome metrics has advanced to let both patients and purchasers of healthcare understand better the value of different interventions.

All this is set against a backdrop of continuing spending restraint: companies offer expensive high tech services, patients look for perfection while setting up competition among surgeons and governments reduce resources to top their budgets.

What we must do is focus on the benefits that their products bring to patients, and the cost-effectiveness that our work demonstrates in comparison with most medical and surgical fields. The value of knee surgery is the equation of outcome over cost.

One of the solutions to advance and increase our knowledge is to have a conference together. A meeting where we present our most recent ideas and concepts. Where we listen to each other and we discuss. Always with respect, but sometimes challenging and stimulating.

The faculty and delegates will combine to produce consensus in these matters that will empower surgeons and industrial partners in their dealings with the regulators and the insurance bodies.

We look forward to seeing you in Valencia!


Yours sincerely,

Emmanuel Thienpont, 2019 EKS President