Travelling Fellowship

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the current circumstances that we live with this Covid-19 health crisis have dramatic repercussions for the health of our populations.

The 2019 EKS Travelling Fellowship was a great success, but due to Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and in light of the ongoing uncertain situation regarding COVID-19the right decision for us consists in rescheduling this 2020 EKS Travelling fellowship for the second half of 2022. For sure this is a very unpleasant decision. However, we must in priority consider the health of our patients, nurses, surgeons, and all people who are currently in pain due to this Covid-19.

We would also like to extend our sympathies and express our solidarity with those of you who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We are proud of the work of our colleagues and friends who are on the front lines in response to this pandemic.

Best regards,

The EKS Fellowship Committee 

EKS Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship 2020


After five successful previous editions, EKS is proud to announce the sixth edition of the EKS Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship, which will take place from between 2 November and 27 November, 2020. 
The Fellowship aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of young orthopaedic surgeons interested in knee surgery. 4 Selected fellows will have the opportunity to visit 8 high-level European teaching centres, in a time spam of 4 weeks, covering all aspects of degenerative knee surgery.
The Fellowship assumes all expenses for travel (flights and ground transportation), accommodation and some meals.


The application period for the EKS Knee Arthroplasty Travelling Fellowship 2019 is open now. Deadline for sending in the application form is April 15, 2020.


Criteria to qualify for application are

  • to have finished the general orthopedic training in your own country;
  • to be younger than 45 years at time of applying;
  • to speak English. Maximum 1/4 can be a non-European citizen;
  • to be prepared to make 2 presentations of a specific research topic or topic of interest;
  • to finish a manuscript within one month after the end of the program, summarizing the scientific review on the assigned topic through the centers;
  • to be willing to make a summary of educational and social-cultural highlights of the trip;
  • proven interest in knee arthroplasty and osteotomy


The application form is available here. Application deadline: 15 April, 2020.